Maria Isabel Osorio Garcia

( 40 km | Member of team: De geluksvoeten )


78% reached of my target amount €500

Still to go:

More than 100 million people worldwide are being forced to leave their homelands due to violence, war or persecution, resulting in their separation from loved ones. They travel unimaginable distances, often on foot, in search of a safe new home. However, embarking on a fresh chapter in life is always a challenging endeavor, including the complexities of acclimating to a different culture, unfamiliar customs, and different cuisines.

Would you like to help create a warm home for someone out there?
On October 8th I will participate on a 40km refugee walk to raise money and help people that are unfortunately on the run. 
Please join us by donating via De Geluksvoeten. Any financial contributions are more than welcome. 

Note: from €40 you are entitled to a tax certificate and you will receive 45% back through your tax return.

What will happen with the money?
Since 1987 Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen together with many other organizations support refugees and everyone who seek asylum in Belgium. They help them with integration in Belgium, educational projects, moving, training, legal assistance and much more!

Available activities:

  • 20 km
  • 40 km

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Raised €500

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