Own route

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Walking together with friends, raising money and getting involved for refugees: that's the Refugee Walk!

All of that on Sunday, October 8th.

Alone or with 30 friends. A pleasant 5 km stroll or a challenging 30 km trip. By the sea or in the Ardennes. Quickly put together or thoroughly worked out. You can go in any direction with your own route. 100% flexibility, 100% Refugee Walk. All that matters is that you walk in solidarity with people on the run.

How do you get started? Find friends, neighbors, or colleagues who want to walk with you. Create your team on our website and invite your fellow walkers. Work out your route and then it's time to raise money: we ask that you collect €100 per person. You can do this individually or raise the money together as a team. And then there is only one thing left to do: walk walk walk!

Good luck!