Volunteer Cemre in the spotlight!

25 February 2023 08:33

“I come from a country with a high refugee population and with a high level of opposition to understanding people’s stories and struggles. When I moved to Belgium a few years ago as an expat, I realised that even my story (which is a lucky one compared to people I have met over the years) is not understood by many people.

This triggered an intense self reflection and made me realised that we, especially the lucky and privileged ones, should put effort in telling the world everyone’s story is valid, everyone should have access to any privileges we have all around the world.

Geographic, ethnic, politic differences do not make our lives more valid than anyone and I also realised that only believing in that is not enough. The least you can do is to say this aloud and reminding that to people around you. This is why I have been volunteering at Refugee Walk, showing everyone that with small efforts, we can make the differences and raise our voices for anyone who can’t.”

Cemre started volunteering at the Refugee Walk in 2022. Her enthusiasm and drive is contagious. She does not shy away from any task, from lugging materials to welcoming people. Thank you Cemre for your efforts with us! Your work is appreciated incredibly hard!