These are the resting points of the Refugee Walk of 2023!

30 May 2023 13:50

The participants of the 40 km will stop in Mortsel, Lier and Vremde. The people who participate in the 20 km will also relax halfway, but whether this will be at the rest point in Mortsel or Vremde is not yet entirely certain.

This year we have again done our utmost to find cosy spots where our walkers can take a breather. If the sun shines, you are going to be able to enjoy the autumn warmth outside at each rest point. Is the weather bad? Then the three spots are going to offer you plenty of security and cosiness.

The amazing Maanwandelaars welcome us to both Mortsel and Vremde at one of their locations. The Moonwalkers is an organisation dedicated to helping people with intellectual disabilities. They provide day activities at locations including de Stappe (Mortsel) and Den Buiten (Vremde). You will get to read more about the clever work they all do and our collaboration soon.

In Lier, we are welcome at the Moevement youth centre. We'll take in the party room here. Presumably a slightly different crowd than it normally sees on weekends. You will be warmly welcomed here by the music and talents of Radio (z)onderdak. We'll be happy to tell you more about them soon too.