Radio (Z)onderdak: a voice for reconnection in Antwerp!

12 June 2023 17:50

At the second rest point, our walkers will receive a warm, cosy and funny welcome from the makers of Radio (Z)onderdak. Radio (Z)onderdak is a social artistic project dedicated to the activation of homeless people in Antwerp. It once started in a drop-in centre, and has since grown into a fully independent project: 100% art and activation.

Founder Alex likes to talk about what they want to achieve with the project

"Everything is about activation of homeless people. It is the measure of everything we do here. We started as a fictional radio program in a centre, but by now we are really making radio with our participants."

The organisation aims to provide a platform for people in vulnerable situations to share their stories, experiences and talents. Through various radio programs, interviews and music broadcasts, Radio (Z)onderdak creates an inclusive space where everyone is welcome.

"We are not a classic social work service. We leave that to other players. We focus here on the creative making process and within that we work on competence development. We always work towards a concrete final product, such as a podcast or a poetry performance. Meanwhile, we learn about making agreements, receiving and giving feedback, ..."

Collaborating with Refugee Walk was a quick decision for Alex

"I am very happy to be involved. It is also a recognition of our operation to be asked to do this, but for us it is mainly about the encounters and connections made possible during the event."

Both our organisation and Radio (Z)onderdak strive for more inclusion, solidarity in our society and try to give a platform to vulnerable groups in our society. Through this collaboration, we can strengthen each other and also get to know each other better. Alex hopes this is also definitely a result of the meetings on 8 October:

"With refugees, I always have to think of such great resilience and perseverance; things that really want to pass on to our participants. We are not the only ones who are struggling. The encounters we are going to have that day can really work as handsome motivation. Apart from that, it's also really a collaboration to build bridges and break stereotypes."

So Alex and his colleagues would love to welcome you to one of the resting points of the central event. Sign up and come and enjoy their radio. What do they hope to bring on 8 October? Alex already sees it all coming together:

"I can already see us giving our all in our little tent. Our DJ will be spinning records, people will come and ask for requests. We welcome the walkers and give them the energy they need to keep going. We want to be your motivator. And of course engage with as many people as possible: "Tell us, who are you and why are you participating? Why is this walk important to you?" Together with the participants, we will make comical and approachable radio."