Movie night 'Me Miss Me' for the Refugee Walk

26 September 2023 11:41

An organisation that embraces diversity and ensures that people from different backgrounds come together. is Amal Gent VZW. Their commitment to the Refugee Walk is proof of their determination to create a positive impact. Thus, on Thursday 28 September, they will organise a film evening at Sphinx Cinema, with all proceeds going to the Refugee Walk.


About Amal Gent vzw


With almost 50 years of experience in supporting newcomers, Amal Gent VZW has built a reputation as a reliable source of help and guidance. They offer practical support to newcomers, ranging from helping them find suitable Dutch-language courses to providing useful information about life in Flanders. These efforts contribute to smooth integration and help newcomers feel at home in their new environment.


This year, they are also taking part in our annual Refugee Walk. This walk is more than just a sporting challenge; it is an opportunity for people to come together and show their solidarity with those forced to flee their country. This year, they made extra efforts to raise funds for this noble cause.


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'Me Miss Me' movie night


Kan een afbeelding zijn van 1 persoon, baard en de tekst 'Filmavond Me Miss Me Donderdag 28 september 20.00 uur Sphinx Cinema Ten voordele van de Refugee Walk Amal'

One notable collaboration Amal Gent VZW has entered into is with Sphinx Cinema in Ghent. On Thursday 28 September, they will organise a film evening, the proceeds of which will go entirely to the Refugee Walk, in support of Refugee Council Flanders.


The film "Me Miss Me" being screened offers an in-depth insight into the life of a young Iraqi man trying to build his life in Belgium. The story of Lubnan, who made his journey from Iraq to Belgium and is now struggling to obtain identity documents, sheds light on the challenges refugees face when integrating into a new country. It is an emotional and moving portrait of resilience and perseverance.


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By joining hands with Sphinx Cinema and donating the proceeds from this film evening to the Refugee Walk, Amal Gent VZW shows its determination to actively participate in supporting refugees and raising awareness about their situation. Their commitment to an inclusive and supportive community is an inspiration to many and highlights the value of local organisations working for a world where everyone has equal opportunities.


Truly inspiring!